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Decoding the Economist magazine revealed a shocking truth.

after decoding the picture of Economist magazine, the horrible truth became at the front.

I’ll start at the top with a picture of Putin on one side and Ukrainian President Zelensky on the other side with a timer between them with some clay inside.

A dove is seen above Putin’s head and Trump is seen next to him, a missile is also seen with him, a bomb is seen above the head of the Ukrainian president, a girl and a missile are seen next to him.

Now coming to the decoding of the same. In this first part, if we consider the timer, the pigeon and the bomb box are connected to it with a line and similarly below it is also connected to the voting box. This proves that the big news about the war in Ukraine is connected to the #elections in Russia and America.

A peace agreement will only be possible if Trump wins. Similarly, the missiles that are visible are space missiles, but I think they are #nuclear.

#I’ve been saying for the last two years that the Ukraine war is the beginning of World War III and from this cover, it looks like 2024 is going to be very important in terms of world conditions and all of these things will worsen around the elections in Russia and America.

Now Coming down a bit, these are some moon-like designs. I think this is an attempt to date. In 2024, something will happen between these dates. The sun and moon will be flirting.

Now a hazardous signal has been given with the same voting box. We are seeing that the data of all human beings has been saved with them

And this Dajjal One Eye is watching over all, so some minds are made, this is referring to the Mind programming, how they control everyone.

Now if you look at the right-hand side, there is a chart made here and there are some containers made in it, see that the lines have gone to the bottom.

And it seems that the coming year is heralding the worst economic recession in 100 years, the worst inflation is coming, guess what?

Like the world and economy from 2019 to 2021.

How everything is becoming precious and the poor are being ruined is an example before us

it seems to me that the entire world economy is going to crash by the end of 2024

Now coming to the bottom part where on one side there is a picture of the Chinese President with a firing temperature checking device and below is a car and the car is connected to a battery, on the other side is Biden. There is a picture and the Wind Turbine is visible on the side

Everyone knows that these dajjals are working on an Electric Car

The most important thing that is visible in it are two maps. On the top map we see South America ie Brazil and below we see South Asia, where Japan, the South Sea, and Taiwan are visible.

This proves that China will try to strengthen its foothold in Brazil and China does not want Brazil to leave BRICS, that is, China wants Brazil not to be controlled by the United States.

On the other hand, the map below shows that in 2024, South Asia is going to be a war zone and Taiwan may be attacked by China.

Here is the #Important Decoding of this entire cover, I hope you will try to understand

And also express your opinion in the comment.

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